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What is Pulpower and how to play?

Pulpower is a portal of many diferent draws, contests and games where the user has the chance to win fantastic prizes every day, and the best part of it all, it's totaly FREE!
On Pulpower you must pass all the tests to acheive the highest position on the Ranking in order to win the prize.
To do this, you have 6 Power Roulette spins, you will have to accumulate the most tokens exceeding the different games. Once the 6 spins have been completed you will have to unlock the JACKPOT, with which you can get up to 100,000 tokens with just one spin.

Once this process is completed, you could be in the top 3 of the Ranking and receive a direct prize ;) You will have to wait for the day to end and hope for no other players to beat you in the Ranking.
In case of not being able to be among the first 3 positions of the Ranking there are still possibilities to obtain a prize, among all the participants of that day, a draw will take place and the winner will win $50 .

However, you can keep on playing, winning $100 direct (no raffles) and increasing your position in the Token Ranking through our 4 challenges: the Slots challenge, Balls challenge, Scratch challenge and the Memory games challenge.

In all the challenges you play to earn points and rank among the first 3 classifieds. At the end of these games, even if you don't get to be the first, you can unlock the JackPot that will add extra tokens to your daily token ranking.

The Scratch challenge can’t be unlocked in the web menu. When you log in your account you will receive an email with one participation code to be able to access at the challenge, where you can also be  among the first 3 positions of the Ranking. Once you have participated, you will receive an email with an extra Jackpot of 10,000 tokens.

-At this point you can no longer gain tokens, however, after 24h they will be activated again. The Ranking resets every day and starts again for a new winner ;)

What about the tokens?
The tokens are points that you must accumulate and are able to exchange them for different gifts offered every day by Pulpower. Redeem tokens for participations to the gift, therefore the more participations the more possibilities of winning a prize.

You will have 2 token markers:
-On one side, you have the historical tokens, which are your tokens obtained from the first time you registered with Pulpower. These are the tokens that validate the status / level Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Amber, Pearl, Quartz, Turquoise, Coral, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond).

On the other, the available tokens to redeem, each gift is assigned a level and a number of tokens, so you will spend your tokens for participations in the gifts you like the most.

Therefore, there are a total of 17 winners per day :
-  The first 3 positions of the Ranking
1st place : $100
2nd position $30
3rd position $20
-  The first 3 positions of the Ranking Slot Challenge :
1st place : $100
2nd position $30
3rd position $20
-  The first 3 positions of the Ranking Balls Challenge :
1st place : $100
2nd position $30
3rd position $20
-  The first 3 positions of the Ranking Scratch Challenge :
1st place : $100
2nd position $30
3rd position $20
-  The first 3 positions of the Memory games challenge Ranking :
1st place : $100
2nd position $30
3rd position $20
-Draw among all the partipants of the day :
Prize of $50
- Gift of the day

The only requirements at Pulpower is to be of legal age and that your personal details are correct. If you happen to be a winner and your data is invalid, you will not be awarded such a prize. Moreover, you have to play from an active country in Pulpower: (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Chilé, Peru, Mexico, Poland, Turkey).

FRAUDULENT PARTICIPATIONS: Fraudulent participation in any section of PULPOWER that is strictly prohibited. In case of detecting fraudulent participation, PULPOWER may deactivate any said accounts temporarily. If after this notice the user insists with these traps, deceits and forgeries, the account can be permanently deleted.

DUPLICATED RECORDS: Pulpower does not allow duplicate participations of any users, only one registration is authorized per person. In case of detecting that the same person has several accounts, the user will be required to choose which of them he wishes to continue with in order to delete the others. In case of no response from the user, Pulpower reserves the right to cancel all accounts that are in the name of the same user.

Finally, Pulpower contacts via email or telephone with each of the winners. To verify compliance, you must provide a copy.

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